The Lost Cajun® in
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
The Lost Cajun® in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The Lost Cajun® in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

711 Grand Ave   Glenwood Springs, CO   81601
Sun: 11:00 am-8:00 pm
Mon - Sat: 11:00 am-9:00 pm
Open every day (except Christmas Day)

The Lost Cajun® in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Building on his four-location Denver metro development area, Greg Jones has added the Glenwood Springs location to his portfolio. While the Glenwood Springs location has been open and operating since May 2014, Greg and his team will take over the operations in January 2018. We are excited to bring Greg’s touch and personality to the Glenwood Springs area. As with all our owners, finding The Lost Cajun® was an accident. Greg, a Louisiana native, stopped by our Breckenridge location to fill his cravings for some Cajun food and ran into Jon, our President. After tasting the food and experiencing the culture, he decided that he HAD to join The Lost Cajun® family. Greg is an avid outdoorsman, served his country, was a police officer, teacher, CPA and his biggest accomplishment is being married to his wife Karin for 35 years! Karin is an RN, a native of Austria and currently the Chief Nursing Officer at Health South, Littleton. Greg and Karin have two sons, Patrick and Jonathan. I wish I could bottle and sell Greg’s enthusiasm! He is a whirlwind of energy and focus, and is the kind of guy that you will enjoy meeting and making friends with. Greg has committed to opening more stores in the next couple of years, so everyone that has been asking me when-when? and where-where? can now go to Greg’s Face Book page and get updates. Let him know where you want the next The Lost Cajun®! Welcome aboard folks! Griff “The Lost Cajun®

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Our family is growing! As the word spreads around the country about our great food, unique atmosphere and one of a kind culture, people from everywhere are asking the same questions over and over, "What makes a Lost Cajun® so special"? and "How do I get a Lost Cajun® in my home town"?

Well my friends the answer is pretty simple, it starts with courtesy and respect and three simple words, Please, Thank You and You're Welcome!

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