Find out why Aligator is my favorite food! And get the low down on The Lost Cajun

A Sweet Potato Pie
I have been in Colorado for 6 years and have not found ANY good Cajun food. I have tried a lot of places but nothing tastes quite like home in Louisiana. Well 2 years ago we were hanging out in Copper Mountain, Colorado and we were looking for a place to eat in downtown Frisco and we stumbled upon The Lost Cajun. I didn’t have high hopes since every other Cajun restaurant wasn’t up to par but as soon as I walked in and saw my High School flag from my hometown school, I knew I found home! The food was incredible to say the least and when I heard they were opening a location in Littleton, CO, I could not WAIT to visit! If you look on my twitter page I have had a picture of The Lost Cajun in Frisco ever since we visited. I blogged about them a while back just because I liked them but this time they invited me and some other media to check out their new location in Littleton. They let us try out a ton of their appetizers first and a sampler of their gumbo, étouffée and lobster bisque so we could decide what to order. Can I tell you it was the best gumbo I have ever had?! I have ruined my fair share of gumbo so it’s not an easy dish to get right. They had fried pickles and NOT spears! The dill chips are way better and they fried them right. And can I tell you about my love for fried alligator? It’s one of my favorite things to eat but like I said with the gumbo, it’s a hard thing to get right. Most of the time people overcook them and they taste tough. The Lost Cajun cooked and seasoned their alligator perfectly. I am still dreaming about it. Do yourself a favor if your over 21 and order a Hurricane frozen. It’s a drink I haven’t had since I lived in the south and boy is it good. I brought my friend along with me and she was converted to hurricanes after one sip. While we were munching on appetizers the owner of The Lost Cajun came and talked to us about their restaurants, currently with 11 locations! I know how tough the food industry can be and they are successful because they have a great product! The owner is from my home state and takes pride in all his food. He cooks from the heart and that’s what makes it great. When it came time to order my BFF ordered Cat-toufee and I ordered the fried catfish. I can’t tell you how long I have been waiting to eat some good fried catfish! The catfish was fried, the tea was sweet and the accents were southern…I could not have asked for anything more. And and the beignets ….


Our family is growing! As the word spreads around the country about our great food, unique atmosphere and one of a kind culture, people from everywhere are asking the same questions over and over, "What makes a Lost Cajun® so special"? and "How do I get a Lost Cajun® in my home town"?

Well my friends the answer is pretty simple, it starts with courtesy and respect and three simple words, Please, Thank You and You're Welcome!

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